No blackmail, psychological hacks or pictures of cute cats!

Welcome to the “JustBuy Blog” home of biased opinions and witty efforts to make our app look like “the best app ever”.

Okay, so maybe you have already downloaded the app for free on Google Play, took a couple of snaps of items you have been waiting to get rid of and actually made a couple of bucks off the darn thing. If that’s the case. Phenomenal. My job here is done!

Maybe that seems a bit short, some might say blunt. Maybe even discouraging. You were looking for that heart warming, awe inspiring article that would make you drop everything and get yourself an android phone, all for the sole purpose of downloading our app.

Ladies and gentlegeeks, this is not that article, we wish it was, really, we did.

Now go and get yourself the app: we love it, we bet you will like it too. Click here to go directly to the Play Store or here to visit our website for more cheerful, less brief nonsense on why we are “so awesome”. 🙂

And now, this;


Even though we promised not use psychological hacks to manipulate you (e.g cute kittens). It wouldn’t be adequate marketing without them.

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