What on earth is JustBuy?

So we have been asked this question a lot, like, a lot. To be honest this is a really valid question, annoying , but valid nonetheless. Well, you can click here to visit our website, but that just won’t cut it. People need more. By more they mean, they want their cool friend to suggest it to them. That’s the only form of approval that is worth using 5MB of your data downloading something you had no idea about. 🙂

Meet Jane, a 20 year old woman with a pair of shoes that are still in great shape but, unfortunately no longer fit. Actually the shoes fit Jane just fine, but she just gave herself a reason not wear them any longer. Jane could wait until her 5 year old sister grows into them (that might take a while), besides Jane’s sister might not want to wear shoes that were hardly ‘in fashion’ 10 years before she could read or write. It becomes rather complicated when you are not generous enough to give stuff away for free or that much of a hoarder to store them in your wardrobe.

Meet JustBuy a mobile app where you can take photos of used items that you no longer need and sell them to other people that are using the app. Maybe you identified yourself with Jane’s story, probably you did not. Bottom line is: we all have stuff lying around and we would really like to get rid of most, not for free of course. So post your items on JustBuy and enjoy making a couple of bucks off the shin-dig.

Meet John…….

No, we are not going to waste any more of your time telling you stories you would probably not relate to.

Bottom line, John has been looking for a great deal on a phone and is too broke to visit iClick. John uses JustBuy to find great deals on mobile phones and lands himself a great second hand Samsung S6. John even finds himself a great job on JustBuy and finally takes a trip to iClick.

Hey! that sounds a little like Olx or letgo. Wrong!, it’s exactly like Olx. The only difference is: Olx is not found in Zimbabwe, Zambia or Botswana, if it was you won’t be reading this article right now.

What about Ownai?

Well, no one likes visiting websites unless they show pics and videos of people doing some really dumb stuff. Websites are boring, there, we said it.

So be that really cool friend (for once) and suggest JustBuy to your friends 🙂 You should get it also.

And now this;


You won’t find that on Olx 🙂

Here are the links to our website www.justbuy.co.zw and the Play Store. Follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. We really hope you now have a slight idea of what JustBuy is all about. If you still don’t, take a leap of faith and download the app anyways ;-).

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